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Our history

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Thomas and Shirley Johnson, both Kentucky natives, moved to California in the mid 1960's to escape the cold weather and offer their young family with a new opportunity on the west coast. Thomas went to work for a local sign company before starting his own sign painting business, Tom Johnson Signs. After Thomas and Shirley's sons, Mike, Mark, Roger, and Greg, graduated high school, they went to work for the family business and began finding great opportunity in the electrical sign market.

They began purchasing electrical signs from a wholesale manufacturer with success, before that manufacturer eventually went out of business, leaving them without a reliable source. After a little luck finding a quality new vendor, they decided to sell the business to start their own wholesale electrical sign manufacturing company to fill the void and lack of reliable sources in the Western U.S. This was the beginning of CalSign Wholesale.

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Over the years, CalSign Wholesale invested in the development of more advanced and improved products with competitive pricing. Proudly manufacturing and shipping for many of the largest as well as smallest sign companies throughout the nation, CalSign Wholesale's goal is to develop relationships with sign companies and achieve partnered success through quality products, dependability, and trust.

Who we are today

In 2022, CalSign Wholesale was acquired by Ultimate Image Printing, further expanding the product offering, efficiency and technology to help our clients push the envelope of the digital age. 


Fast forward to nearly 30 years later, CalSign Wholesale has maintained its core values of developing relationships with sign companies. By achieving partnered success through quality products, dependability, and trust, CalSign Wholesale continues to be the leading wholesale sign company in the nation.

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